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   Here at Nunley Ranch we put our name on our line in 1985. Our Bulldogges are natural breeders and whelpers, very athletic and intelligent. Our bloodline is many generations deep, consistent and proven. We developed our bloodline through years of line breeding on traits that we believe an Olde English Bulldogge should possess. Health, Temperament, Functionality, Structure and Conformation.  (The Functionality of the bulldogge is what created the  "Bulldogge Look"). Nunley Ranch breeds to the NBA standard.

   The Nunley Bloodline has claimed notoriety over the years, and has been recognized in the 2009 publication of World Atlas Of Dog Breeds as an ideal representation of the Olde English Bulldogge Breed. We were contacted by TFH Publications Authors for pictures of our bulldogges to be used in the Book.

   Robert Jenkins, author of The Story of the Real Bulldog, acknowledged the Nunley bloodline as an exemplary example of what a bulldog should be by writing a letter of admiration and support to us for our efforts and achievements in producing consistent, healthy and capable bulldogges.



"I first heard of Sharon Nunley and her bulldogs in the months after I wrote the book with Ken Mollett about the bulldog. She wrote to me and sent some pictures of her dogs, and told me all about the duties and work expected of them. I was impressed. It was after the book, so she couldn’t get a mention in it, but I carried her letter and the pictures all over the world, and for a year I meant to write back. I was traveling a lot at the time, and looking at bull breeds all over the place.

   When I got back to England I looked for her web-site, half expecting there to be no mention of the dogs. But there they were, and how! So I wrote and we got to talking through email and letters and I was humbled by her love for the bulldog, and impressed by what was going on in her part of the world. “I have to say that the bulldog belongs to people like Sharon Nunley."  It is people like her that made them, and keep on making them. And when she said she was starting a club, and I figured I couldn’t talk her out of it, I was only too pleased to offer any help I could give.

   Running a club like this was always going to be tough. Say the word bulldog and you make an enemy. Someone gets upset.

But in the end you know its true... you can measure how right you are by how many people you’ve never met get angry at you!!!

As it says in the Bible, “Woe to you, when all men speak well of you!”

   So don’t just browse the NBA. Join it. Be a friend to those with the courage to make it happen. Be like the Bulldog, and be a part of the future. And when you hear people say things against our breed and their masters, tell them how the dog was made, and tell them of the ghosts of the dogs and their masters who walk the English speaking world, and tell them we are not done yet. Then smile and walk away. We can do that, because we know the truth, and we know that deep down inside them, those who criticize us know it too.

- Robert Jenkins, Author  - The Story of the Real Bulldog

The Nunley Ranch Olde English Bulldogge

"A true companion and loyal family member, a dog that can stand alone on its own, but chooses to be with it's family."

- Sharon Nunley

photo taken in 1985



"The Nunley Bloodline has claimed notoriety over the years, and has been recognized in the 2009 publication of World Atlas Of Dog Breeds as an ideal representation of the Olde English Bulldogge Breed."

Nunley Ranch Bulldogges On The Big Screen

We have had the pleasure of seeing a few members of our Nunley Ranch Bloodline make their way into the limelight. These special pups have had the opportunity to showcase their unique personalities on television and in movies. It's always a proud moment for us when we see our beloved Bulldogges on the big screen, entertaining audiences around the world.

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