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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Olde English Bulldogges life expectancy?
    Normal average 10 to 14 yrs old. [of course, just like with people, that to depends on the care they are given and lifestyles.]
  • How well do Olde English Bulldogges interact with kids and other dogs?
    Very well, they become bonded with their "pack" / family.
  • What is the best food to feed my Olde English Bulldogge?
    You want to feed them a good, high-quality, meat first ingredient food.
  • When do i need to take my puppy for its first checkup after arriving home?
    You would want to set up your first puppy visit with your vet within a day or so of arrival, get a well baby check up and set dates for follow-up puppy shots if needed.
  • Can the Olde English Bulldogge handle hot weather?
    They enjoy outside activities, and love playing in water, going for walks or runs in the parks.. they just enjoy doing things with you. As with any living animal, be sure fresh water is available, and shade to rest in if needed.
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